Heavenly Dusters


Church Sanitizing Crews:

The following is the list of volunteers for cleaning our church after our weekend Masses.  We need more cleaners.  Please contact the Parish Office at or 618-344-6464 to volunteer. 

July 4 after 4:00 Mass:  Carolyn Enboden, Jeanne Gallo, Judi Joergensen*, Pat Niedringhaus, Deb O'Rourke, Larry Powell, Cheryl Schenhoffer

July 5 after 8:00 Mass:  Kathy Baldus*, Patty Burns, Andy and Angie Hentz, Cindy Lanahan, Mike Ohanian, Leonora Rasp

July 5 after 10:30 Mass:  Nancy Douglas, Angela Johnston, Kathy Root, Maureen Schreiber*, Floyd and Lisa Wildhaber


July 11 after 4:00 Mass:  Carol Mechler*, chuck Hinkel, Lisa Hoffmann, Josie Sapia, Janet Ruth, Lorraine Travers, Peggy and Rich Oliva

July 12 after 8:00 Mass:  Kathy Parker*, Mary Ann Corradini, Linda LaZella, Bill Niemetz, Ron Nemeth, Bill Ray

July 12 after 10:30 Mass:  Amanda Dotzert*, Melanie Heinle, Janine Schmidt, Lynn and Alan Kerkemeyer, Virginia McKim, Theresa Rendleman


Heavenly Dusters:

Teams of at least eight people meet approximately every other month to dust and vacuum the church.  They also wash windows and straighten up books in the hymnal racks.  Contact Mary Ann Corradini at 344-6166 to help.


                          Week of   Team   Team Leaders
                          July 5    5   Patty Bruns
                          July 12   6   Angela Weeks
                          July 19   1   Amanda Dotzert
                          July 26   2   Damon & Michelle Harbison
                          August 2   3   Glenda Vetter
                          August 9   4   Virginia McKim
                          August 16   5   Patty Bruns
                          August 23   6   Angela Weeks