Bishop Paprocki on the Importance of Attending Sunday Mass

Collection Counters

Teams count and report the weekly collections starting at 9:30 on Sunday mornings.  Teams are scheduled on a rotating basis.  Contact Deb Burgelin at 344-6947.



Date      Team 
September 24     Janet & Charlie Ruth, Bill & Maureen Schreiber
October 1     Joe Thomas, Lita Jones, Phyllis Hoff, Katy Eggering
October 8     Steve Skasick, Mary Ann Corradini, Vic Betta, Steve Barz
October 15     Ron & Gerrie Busam, Sandy Campbell, Eric Hartlein
October 22     Debbie & Bob Burgelin, Otto Hartman
October 29     Lenora Rasp, Lita Jones, Bob & Debbie O'Rourke
November 5     Don & Becky Briddell, Bill & Pat Niedringhaus